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We use local resources to examine the history of the home, land or family attached to the haunting. This allows us to provide a more personalized investigation.

Using advanced detection equipment, we attempt to uncover hidden sounds and detect environmental changes such as temperate and magnetic field fluctuations.

After reviewing any collected evidence, we arrange a final meeting in which we review any findings in detail. A copy is provided on a complimentary CD.

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Because The Paranormal Never Sleeps

April 2016



The Paranormal Chasers are officially looking for investigators!

Click HERE for a list of open positions and requirements.

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Anita R, Pikeville NC

Robert D, Fayetteville NC

Betty S, Goldsboro NC

~ The Paranormal Chasers are the real deal!! I was impressed with how understanding they were about our family's concerns.

~ What I like best about the Paranormal Chasers is how prepared they were for my investigation. They showed up with research on the previous owner, whose name we even heard on the tape!

~ I enjoyed their company and would definitely invite the Paranormal Chasers to investigate my home again.

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